Recommended Netball Drills to Coach Juniors

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Not many may easily recognize what a netball game is, but they have already seen what it is like. From around the world, many schools have held such games and have held competitions against other schools. The most enjoyable game to watch are the junior’s netball, and coaches who are aspiring to teach the youth about the game will find it exciting and fun to do so.
261745_10150363428914408_181941469407_10317122_5703954_nThe first thing that coaches teach their juniors about netball is memorizing the acronym BEEF. This is by teaching the kids about the actions without the ball. Once the kids have mastered BEEF, the ball will be added to their practice. B stands for balance – the feet should be apart according to the width from shoulder to shoulder. Make sure that their feet are pointed towards the post, and you will also notice pigeon toes in their forms. It will be better to show them a visual aid or perform the position yourself first so that they can emulate it. E stands for Eyes – training their visual perception and attention to detail. Let the kids imagine that there is a witch’s hat at the top of the ring and that they should aim at the tip of the hat, so that the ball drops via the ring. E stands for Elbow – kids should have their arms extended closer to their ear, while their elbow faces the ring. The elbow should face the ring and should not move away to the side while the ball takes back before it is released. This will ensure accuracy of their shot. F stands as Follow through – which encourages the small flick of the kid’s wrist like waving goodbye towards the ball.

Netball_Game_in_Action_-_GuardingTeaching the netball positions to the junior players should be done through a game that the players have not played before. This involves the players running through various positions in the court while calling them out. After you have done this, play the game which lets the players find their position in the court. This will help them memorize the areas and proper positions of the game. There are also instances that young players tend to step during the game. This is problem with the basic position balance and that they have not mastered it yet. It should be worth doing a game in which it lets the players play catching the ball on land, air and rebalance then pass the ball. This is a worthy game that will make their body memorize positions. This should be done gradually. Teaching basic catch and pass skills should be done first with small bags of beans. Let the players form a circle and stand in position. Let them start passing the small bags to the right side. Change the directions after a round is done, while at the same time practicing throw at their chest height.

Some coaches buy their own books on how they are going to coach the youth on basic netball skills. The skills above are just the basics of the basics, and if not mastered, it will affect the children’s future techniques and skills as they are acquired along the go.

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