Proper Positions of Netball Players

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The game netball is almost the same with basketball, but with a few differences. This game has 7 players each team, and dribbling the ball is not allowed. The ball should be passed to another player in the same team, and should be done by throwing. The basket to shoot the ball and the ball itself is smaller compared to basketball, and there is no backboard for it.
The team is divided into two groups, the offense and defense, each with 4 and 3 players respectively. Under the offense group, are the C or Center, WA or Wing Attack, GA or Goal Attack and GS or Goal Shoot. The center player starts the netball game when it is their turn for the ball to be thrown. The position of the center player stands inside the circle in the middle of the court. This player is allowed in any area within the court except the goal circle of between two teams. WA player assist in bringing the ball within the goal, but should be given to the shooters. At either start or restart of the game, their position is at the top of the goal third of their team. They will face the center and are considered significant in acquiring the ball for the shooters. The GA’s role is as suggested of its name, to attack. But they also assist in acquiring the ball for the shooter, and has the role of shootig the ball into its hoop. Their positions are limited though, at the goal circle and goal third of the opposition and the center third. The GS is to shoot the bool and will stay in the opposing goal circle. They will try to acquire the ball so that they can shoot it onto the ring. They will also try to get past the defenders.

netball court.pngAs with the defender’s side, the players are composed of the WD or Wing Defense, GD or Goal Defense and the GK or Goal Keeper. The WD is going to defend their goal third and will keep the ball from getting inside it. The only places they are allowed to be are the center third and their own goal third. The GD’s role is to defend the goal region. They will try their all to prevent the opposing team from making the ball within their goal circle. They will always be on the defense and ensures the shooters from the opposing team can never make a shot at their goal. The only allowed positions for this role is their own goal circle, goal third and center third. Lastly is the GK, which lands the responsibility of defending the goal. Their only function is to keep the shooter away and prevent them from making a shot. They are also responsible in acquiring the ball. The only allowed position is the goal circl and their own goal third.


Because of its simplified form from basketball, netball has gotten the stereotypical image of an only girl sport, when in fact it is ideal for both girls and guys of all ages.

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