Practice Drills for Defenders in Netball

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30393_89152_49574Netball is open to all ages, and is enjoyed by mostly the youth. Because it looks like a simplified version of basketball and less “violent” to the eyes of the audience, it is very appealing for those who loves to play for fun yet only gets minor injuries. The best way for any sports to be mastered is to master the basics and move onto the strategies. Without mastering the basics, the strategies and techniques that will be used for the game will be useless. There are different tactics employed by coaches, and the defenders have their own set of strategies to use, too.

If you are a defender, you will be employing the following skills better with a group. Defensive strategies are really effective when done with more than one person, as this will prevent the opposing team from getting a shot into the ring. You need to form a group of 3, one will be taking the role of defender, who is naturally the one in the defensive position, other is the attack while the third one is the ball holder. The defender’s role will be to defend the ball against the attackers from taking it. The attacker then will try to clear the space in order for the shooter to throw the ball onto the ring. The player that will throw the ball will try to acquire the ball onto the attacker. The defender’s main purpose in this tactic is to make sure the one that attacks will not get in the clear space for its ball thrower to acquire the ball onto the attacker. The ball on the hands will only be there for 3 seconds and not any longer. This is why netball is a fast paced game.

BeeBallNetball1There are more netball defender tactics to employ during the game, but for its defense to be flawless, the defender must master some useful tips. Stand aside onto the attacker, and avoid standing in front of them. Because if you do, then can do a side step and will be able to get past you. You will also fail to see the ball thrower, so they can use the side to their advantage and throw the ball that way. You should also stick to the attackers like glue on paper. Just like how football players stick to the most dangerous opponent, you should stay as close to them as possible. This will give you an advantage of getting ready to run ahead, side step or stop with the opponent. Pay close attention to your partner and the ball. When the ball goes to the direction of your partner, open you arms wide. This will allow you to open up a chance of intercepting through the ball or you can knock the ball out of the way of the attacker.

The aforementioned netball tactics needs a lot of practice, effort and hardwork. These will not be mastered with only one game, but you and your teammates should fully cooperate in order for the strategy to perfectly work. Timing is also essential in this tactic as well.

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