Netball Goal Shooter’s Drills For Shooting

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netball-goal-ringThe netball’s coach’s responsibility is to oversee his or her team’s individual abilities and put them in the position they work out best. One of the position’s role is the goal shooter, responsible for carrying the ball and shoot it off the ring. The goal shooter may not be the only player in the team that is allowed to shoot the ball, but the shooter should enhance his or her skills perfectly in order to get the most accurate, consecutive shots. If you are a shooter in your team, below is a few drills on how you can improve your shooting skills.

Get yourself ready by standing above the half of the circle. Make sure that you are within the line as it will gain you a score or goal. Some of your teammates are playing the defensive side, and another will be standing outside the line of the circle who will “feed” you the ball, thus called themselves ball feeder. You only have to concentrate on your job as the shooter, as your defense teammates will be doing their jobs of defending and preventing against the enemy’s shot getting to the goal. You can move around within the half circle. You can also do side step, bounce or pivot within it. Holding out your hand to the side will block the movement of your defender. This will be the signal to the bal feeders to throw away the ball to your arm’s side is pointing. You will need to be quick in running through the pass or you will miss the chance and the defender will block you. When this happens, block them or the ball will bounce out of the court. Try this technique with 2 defenders and 2 shooters right in the half circle. It will make it harder for them to move around.

1285581326646-Throw-in_-_OptionsAnother drill that you should try is the egg beater. If you have seen how the egg beater behaves, it will just be like that. The shooter will get suport from the other shooter. Position yourself at one of the top half circle, then position the other shooter facing the 90 degrees angle. This is at the half circle’s corner. When one shooter moves, the other should move according to the direction you chose. You will be doing this move at the goal circle. The shooter will be doing the other half of the half circle, while the you will be doing your half side, forming an egg beater movement. As you move towards the curve, the other shooter will be following behind you, but making his or her own curve too. The defenders will try and block your way and you will do your best to get past them. You have the option to move outside the circle, but you will need to get back quickly or the defenders will get the chance to prevent you from shooting a goal.

Netball strategies are numerous, so if you have a strategy that is not shared yet, tell your coach about it so that they can find a way to make it effective.

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